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You live a fast paced life, work, play or sport you are driven to succeed! Although you may understand the importance of exercise and eating right you just don’t know how you can fit it in with the demands of work and home.

Perhaps you’ve neglected your body altogether and energy, health and your belt notch are beginning to show it? Maybe lack of preventative care has you getting injured in your playtime and travel? Just plain tired of making all of the decisions and want to surrender to a professional for quarterbacking and RESULTS? You want great programs, efficient workouts and accountability to keep you on track, expert guidance and the best of the best? Desiring exceptional service that offer results to make you feel and look your best? It’s time for change and you are ready to commit to a better, healthier YOU! bangOexec is for you!


This is the best bangObody has to offer and a complete wellness package! All bangOexecs enjoy a unique blend of our move, lift, fuel, and link programs as well as additional concierge services to make the healthiest you possible.

Regular exercise and a well planned program will help increase energy, reduce stress, improve sleep quality, look better, and handle the demands of your lifestyle. NO matter what your goals are – improve your sports performance, better numbers on the scale, health markers, or just feel great and look good naked, we’ll customize the perfect plan to help get you there.

We understand the demands of your day-to-day. Coaching is always compassionate, focused, and flexible to keep you moving towards your goals.

bangOexec includes 12 time flexible one-on-one sessions a month plus nutrition and the exclusive fitness concierge services necessary for the discerning client.  It is available onsite or location and in 30 and 60 minutes sessions.