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I want to feel FIT, sexy, AND LIKE MYSELF again


Pregnant or trying and want to be as strong and healthy as you can? Just had a little one and need help getting your body back? Weak core, back pain, excess weight, incontinence, miscellaneous aches, and pains that accompany pregnancy got you down? Need a break and something positive that is just for you?

Pregnancy and being a new parent is HARD! Your hormones are everywhere. You’re sleep deprived and as much as you love your little one, sometimes you’re trying to hang on for dear life – not to mention the body you are in no longer feels like yours. You want to feel confident and sexy even if it’s in your leggings and pony tail! bangObaby is for you!


Every new mom (or mom to be) deserves to feel strong, confident, and sexy. We will customize a workout to help strengthen the muscles that support you safely though your pregnancy and beyond.

Compassionate post-natal care will help to rebuild the muscles affected by natural or c-section birth and get you back to feeling like you again. All plans take into consideration the specific needs of pre/post natal care including exercises to help keep you strong and safe throughout your pregnancy. Post-natal care will help rebuild core strength, get back to your pre-pregnancy weight and prepare your body for the day-to-day demands of toting around a little one!

Always a compassionate approach, I understand the demands of parenthood and will help provide solutions and modifications for even the busiest of busy. Let us customize a plan to get you safely through pregnancy and back into pre baby form in short order! Get back to being and feeling like you.

bangObaby is available in both 30 and 60 minute sessions as well as partner training. Sign-up with a buddy for extra motivation!