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1) Move more. Walk or run around the block, take the stairs, random squats and push ups, extra trips to the car—whatever it takes. Just move and do it more often!  If you have a solid gym schedule in place, do your best to maintain with your focus on lifting weights and short interval cardio sessions. If the gym just isn’t an option then schedule short exercise breaks (15-20 mins will do) for a brisk walk,  mini circuit workout or some stretching. How about a nightly post-dinner walk with the family to look at decorations? It all adds up!

2) Eat. Start your days right with a good healthy breakfast like eggs and bacon (in moderation!), avocado on toast or smoothies that include protein. Do the same for lunch. Greens, proteins, healthy soups and stews are great options. Many of these can be made ahead of time to fuel yourself and the family for a few days. Crockpots are great if you’re out playing on the slopes!
If you eat a protein-rich snack, you’ll be healthily fuelled for when the socializing and indulgent food comes out. Daytime socializing? Eat light in the morning and evening. Don’t skip out on meals as this often leads to eating or drinking too much later.

3) Drink Water. This has to be one of the simplest way to not only lose weight and keep your body running it’s best yet is something that a lot of us struggle with. Start and finish the day with a glass and try to bring some with you if you’re out running around for the day and make an effort to drink more on active days and when drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages. I prefer mine room temperature (as do our bodies for utilization) but if drinking it cold or with a splash of lemon makes you drink more then do your thing! There are apps available for tracking (yup!) or develop some kind of routine that works for you as a reminder like every time you go to into the kitchen you drink a small glass. Eating water rich foods (cucumbers, celery etc) will contribute to your hydration as well so make sure to eat your veggies as well.

4) Get Connected. Focus on the your friends and family instead of the food. Some studies now tell us that addiction (food, alcohol etc) and overdoing it can be linked to feeling a lack of connection. Share stories, do puzzles, play games and put the devices away. Kids (and some adults) will fight this at first but be firm and they’ll thank you later.

5) Be kind. To yourself and to others. It’s a challenging time for many people on some level so try and be more forgiving and supportive while keeping healthy boundaries. Accept that there will be traffic, chaos and perhaps a little family drama. When in doubt, breathe—take 10 deep and slow breaths from your belly. Also, find time to express daily gratitude. Choose one thing (or more) and give thanks. It’s great to get the whole family involved in this too.