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I want to be more flexible, move better, feel less pain


Do you have daily pain, poor posture and tight muscles? Are you involved in sports or MMA and want to improve flexibility, decrease injury risk and have better control in your movements? Have you lost, or never had, a flexible frame and only dream of being able to touch your toes? Do you want to feel less pain and move more freely in your day-to-day life? Perhaps you are recovering from an injury and ready for a more active rehabilitation stage. Desire a mindful body practice, less effort in day-to-day activities or just a better moving you? bangOmove is for you!


bangOmove is based on scientific principles and custom designed to be challenging for all fitness levels and ages – from the novice exerciser to elite athlete and everyone in between. This is primarily a floor- based program to make you stronger from the ground up.

This program incorporates a blend of flexibility/mobility exercises, breath work, as well as corrective exercises. You will be working with your own body and tools such as rollers, balls of all sizes, and resistance bands. bangOmove will help you rehabilitate an existing injury and decrease your risk, improve sports performance and strengthen your basic gym lifts, such as: squats, bench work, and more!

Mindful, intentional movements help to connect the body and the mind. Learn to improve flexibility, create better body control, a stronger core and move better. Expert and compassionate coaching will keep you progressing towards a better moving YOU!

bangOmove is available in 30 and 60 minutes sessions. Additionally, we also offer a stretch based movement class for small groups.