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I want to pump iron, burn stress,

and look like a million bucks


Do you want to get ripped, pump some iron and burn stress? Are you a newbie that wants to learn how to lift properly, from the simplest of exercises to the most advanced?  Perhaps a veteran lifter that seeks direction and coaching on form and a great plan to get you even better results? Maybe you tried hitting the gym on your own but stopped due to injury or you weren’t seeing any results? Are you bored with your current routine and want better results in less time? You want to get stronger, feel more powerful, and confident AND develop a leaner more toned physique? Increase bone density and make everyday activities a little easier? bangOlift is for you!


Learn to lift safely and in ways that will deliver results! Old and young, we cater programs to your individual goals and teach you how to do things RIGHT.

Build confidence and skill and learn to execute a safe and effective workout that delivers the esthetic results you desire. Burn stress and learn or improve basic lift techniques for all of your body parts. Strengthen and tone with movements that compliment your everyday life.

Program design will vary on your experience but is always innovative and dynamic.

bangOlift includes the use of a variety of equipment such as free weights, kettle-bells, TRX, medicine balls, and of course your own bodyweight. bangObody’s form first approach and expert coaching utilizes scientific principles and strict form to keep your workouts safe, progressive, and challenging for all ages and fitness levels.

bangOlift is offered in both 30 and 60 minute sessions as well as partner training. Sign-up on your own or with a buddy to fuel the competitive fire!