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I want to make better food choices, achieve sustainable results, and a healthier me


Food is hard. Whether it is overeating, undereating, jumping from fad diet to fad diet or just all around food confusion! It is often the biggest limiting factor in achieving your ideal physique and negates much of the hard work you do in the gym. Not to mention poor nutrition has been linked to disease.

Do you train hard but just can’t seem to lose those last few pounds? Have more than a few pounds to lose but don’t even know where to start? Perhaps your doctor has expressed concerns about some of your health markers and wants you to lose weight?  Does a busy work or home life have you skipping meals and not feeling your best? Do you want to learn to make better choices but lack of time has you dialing for Domino’s more often than not? bangOfuel is for you!


bangOfuel takes a modest approach to nutrition. You won’t find fad diets or quick fixes here. We will aim to build lasting nutritional changes that help to optimize body composition, energy levels, and overall health.

Always compassionate care, we focus on finding what works for you to deliver sustainable results and a nourished body to support your lifestyle and goals. Tailored to fit event the busiest of the bunch, good nutrition will help optimize energy levels and create the physique you desire!

We follow a whole foods based approach whenever possible that does not require supplementation and caters to individual dietary needs. Optimize your workouts with proper nutrition to fuel your active lifestyle and get serious RESULTS.

bangOfuel will help set you up with a sustainable plan for long term success!

bangOfuel is offered as a 12 week program or as an add-on to existing programs based on needs.