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It’s that time of year again, where we reflect on the past and refocus for the future. Health and fitness goals always seem to lead the way and if you’re reading this, you likely have made some commitment to working on this aspect of your life as well. I thought I’d share a few of the common pitfalls that may have contributed to you NOT seeing the results you wanted last year and get you moving to an even healthier 2018!

  1. Workouts

If you made it to the gym more times this year than last, way to go! Give yourself a pat on the back for showing up for you! To build on that aim to improve on that just a little bit more this year. Especially if you’re jumping from 2 or 3 days a week (I know there’s a lot of you out there) to 4 or 5 days of movement. (which is where we want to be)  Let’s be clear, I’m not talking about all super intense stuff every day, but incorporating movement into more of your days. Purposeful movement with intent to improve your health in some way.—brisk walking, stretching, playing a sport, riding a bike, or whatever calls to you.

  1. Nutrition

Welcome to the reality check and most common culprit of stagnant results and bulging bellies! Time to take a hard look at what you are eating by recording your food, looking out for the pitfalls of too many or too few calories, as well as dietary intolerances (that belly may just be bloat/inflammation!) Once that is in check, get on a lifestyle plan that you can maintain and repeat. Week in, week out. Results come from consistency over time. Period. When followed consistently, a good lifestyle plan will always trump a crash diet and help you enjoy life while still toning up and dropping those unwanted pounds or just maintaining where you’re at!

  1. Rest

If you’re always running on fumes with only few hours of sleep, results are hard! You are at greater risk for more colds and flus, unwanted extra weight and little in the tank for fun stuff! Training harder will only take you deeper down the rabbit hole as your body needs rest to build and repair. Try making sleep a priority, even if it’s just shifting your bedtime earlier by 30 minutes and making sure that you’ve got a good exercise and nutrition plan that supports your life! Naps are nice too.