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I am compelled to share a recent conversation I had with a client around achieving their health and fitness goals. We chatted about the things she is doing right as well as areas that can be improved.  This lead me to ask a question I have been pondering myself and found it very powerful in shedding light on daily habits. The question I posed is this:

Do my daily actions support the goals I have set and say that I want to achieve?

 Let me say that again in a different way: Do my actions (or inactions) move me closer to the things I say I want?

If we know that consistency is the key to achieving our goals, and we are serious about making long-term lifestyle changes that deliver lasting results (as is the bangObody philosophy) how can we break this down to make it achievable?

If your goal is to lose weight, rehab an injury or just all around improve your health, are your daily habits moving you in that direction?

Are you moving your body more often, or skipping the gym for Netfiix and chill time? Are you making mindful choices around your food and drink or are you in a daily habit of ‘treat yourself” that keeps you from making real progress?  Are you managing your stress and setting healthy boundaries around self-care or putting yourself (and your health) behind the needs of others more often than not?

How important are these goals to you, really?

If you’re serious about this goal and making changes towards better health, I encourage you to think about these questions and be brutally honest with yourself when you answer.

All good if you are, but perhaps next time you choose to miss a workout, get that cookie to go with your coffee, pour that next glass of wine or eat the chocolate chips because you ‘deserve’ a treat to finish the day,  take a moment to ask yourself if that choice is getting you closer to the things that you desire.

Conscious Actions 

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool You don’t need to be perfect but your daily choices help (or hinder) us in achieving the things we say we want!

I’ve said it before and will say it again, perfection is not necessary to achieve our health and fitness goals, consistency and honesty with self around our choices is.  You can have the cake sometimes, you can miss a workout sometimes.

Aim to be purposeful when you do exercise – with the intent to improve the health of your body and mind!  If you know you’re going to want a glass of wine, popcorn on your movie date or whatever it is, make an effort to eat well through the day with veggies, protein and healthy fats. A well fuelled body is less apt to overindulge!  If sabotaging choices are still happening more often than not, it may be time to re-evaluate your goals and dig a little deeper into your motivation of WHY you set those goals.

If this is enough to help you shift things, great!  If you’re still struggling go back to the WHY. Not sure what this is? Book a coaching session with me and we can dig a little deeper into your motivation as well as offer some solutions that may help shift things and get you where you’d like to be!