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I often hear people wanting to increase their flexibility. This is a great goal and an important one at any age and stage. That said it’s a bit different than general conditioning in that it requires more than just a few days a week in the gym.

If you’re really serious about increasing your flexibility you’re going to have to put in homework. You didn’t tighten up overnight and aren’t going to make any significant improvement unless you start to develop a daily routine of stretches that are right for you and actually do them.

More days than not, is my general rule but that doesn’t mean hours of your day. Five to 10 minutes, or whatever you can spare. Some great opportunities are when dinner is cooking, while watching the game or binging on Netflix. Even if it’s a short amount of time, it’s still ten or more minutes more than you were doing before.

Stretching Basics

If you’re self motivated I recommend Andersons Book of Stretching (old school but sooooo good and basic) You can pick up a copy here

Stream at Home

If you need (or want) more direction than that (but don’t like the stretches I give you) check out this great site with free yoga streaming for all levels: Do Yoga With Me  All you need is a mat and a small space and you can get your workout in anytime!

If you’re ready for a quick jump-start I recommend the 14-day challenge with Fiji McAlpine. All are reasonable in length (20-40 mins) and well instructed. The videos are free if you stream or you can purchase and save to your devices.

Something just for you?

Let’s get flexible! Book in for some bangOmove sessions and let me customize a mobility program just for you (you still have to do the homework though!) These are a combination of FRC/kinstretch, yoga and mat pilates designed specifically for you to improve ranges of motion as well as core strength.  *Please note these are separate from bangObody general conditioning sessions, please reach out if you’d like more details!