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Bellevue’s Best – The Westin

Bellevue, WA USA

The Good 

  • 24 hour access
  • Clean, bright space with plenty of open floor
  • Dumbells up to 100 lbs
  • Functional trainer/cables
  • New Balance gym gear in case you forget yours ($5 fee)
  • free run club (Tuesday am only)
  • Machines to hit all of the main body parts
  • stability balls
  • balance boards
  • plenty of cardio equipment
  • pool and hot tub with disability access

The Bad

  • medicine balls in 4 lb and 10 lb only
  • no tubing
  • no foam rollers
  • no squat racks
  • no barbells
  • set up of equipment was a bit odd (medicine balls hidden behind a post by the cardio equipment)
I rated it 4 dumbbells as I would have liked to seen a few more functional pieces such as a squat rack, some tubing, BOSU's or even a kettlebell or 2. Although the space itself is good, I feel like a few additions would take this from good to great!
Dayna's review: 4 dumbells

Another short getaway from home to Washington State, this time to Bellevue.  I have always had a soft spot for Bellevue dating back to shopping trips with my mom and sisters and more recently The Westin (or the Hyatt across the street) were my go to's for all the years my son played provincial basketball as the summer tournaments were always in the surrounding areas and the Bellevue location made for easy highway access to get around to his games. It was a shopping getaway with a friend this time and we chose to stay there as it was just outside of the city so easier to get to with Seattle traffic, it has a great mall and well, it's beautiful. the hotel is great if you're living, or trying to live,  a healthy lifestyle. Their Stay Fit program offers gym clothes (in case you've forgotten yours) a good gym and pool, free run club for all levels (Tuesday am only) as well as a great room service menu of healthy food options. Although we spent 2 nights, I only hit the gym once, the other day was spent wandering downtown Seattle (an easy 20 minute drive depending on traffic) 

The Gym

The gym itself offers a good selection of cardio equipment including 5 treadmills, 4 ellipticals, 2 recumbent bikes, 1 upright and a rower. As far as weights go, there is a decent selection of machines to hit all the body parts (if that's your thing) and a good range of dumbbells (up to 100 lbs)  A few more functional pieces such as a cable cross, balance boards, stability and medicine balls round out the space. The gym was fairly quiet when I visited with only a few other guests using the space but considering it's good size and amount of equipment I don't imagine it would be too bad even at peak times. I appreciated that even though there was a fair amount of equipment there was still plenty of open space to work with for dynamic warms ups and walking lunges. The pool is located next to the gym and offers decent length swimming in a nice open space. It was a bit busy with kids playing but it was the last few weeks of summer when I visited so to be expected. I imagine early mornings or evening would be better timing if you're looking for some serenity in you swim. The hot tub is great for post swim or workout and both pool and hot tub are equipped for disabilities which is rare for a hotel. The hotel supplies workout towels as well as cool towels, headphones and filtered water. I found the space and equipment to be clean and well maintained.

The Workout

It's been a light workout month for me as I've been undergoing a detox to get some health stuff back online so the workout was definitely short and sweet and more about trying out the space and getting a bit of movement. I warmed up with my CARS and some floor work before a light lift session. It was a simple program with only 2 rounds but perfect for my present needs. Total time was 33 minutes Warm up - CARS x 3 each joint, 1 set of the rest
  • CARS
  • Bridges x 10 w/10 second holds
  • Supermans x 5/sd w 10 second hols
  • Mackenzie press up x 10
  • Reverse crunch x 10
  • 4 pt kneel w/elbow contact x 10/sd
  • Belly breaths x 10
Weights - Giant sets x 2, 16-20 reps
  • Stability ball hamstring curls
  • Goblet squat
  • Dead bug
  • Squat Rows (cable machine)
  • Decline push up (toes on stability ball)
  • Shoulder press
  • Reverse lunges
  • Tricep Press
  • Medicine ball woodchop

The Neighbourhood

There is plenty of healthy food options as well as CrossFit, yoga and barre studios nearby to the hotel, but you may want a car to get around. I'm a big fan of the Pressed Juicery across the street. (previously Starbucks Evolution) and the Whole Foods which is 5 minutes by car. If running is your thing, the Westin offers maps of local running routes to explore the area. I find the area safe for just wandering about as well and there are some great little restaurants a short walk away that are a nice break from the chains nearby to the mall.