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Still on the hunt for the perfect gift for the fitness junkie (or wannabe) in your life? Below are my top gifts to support a healthy lifestyle and keep you moving your best!

Experience Gifts
If you’re looking to give the gift of experience, here are a few ideas for your loved ones. I’d take quality time with the people I love over stuff and even better if it’s doing something active together, too!

Online Yoga/Pilates: Averaging from $5-$10/month, prepay a year for your loved one with great options for a variety of videos for all levels. Pair it with a new yoga mat and water bottle if you’re looking to spend more.  Gaia has some great teachers and plenty of class options so you can find your fit!

Active Date Cards: Support healthy goals and encourage activity by giving the gift of playful time together. It can be anything from a seawall walk to cat skiing, and everything in between. Advance purchase tickets for the ski hill, skating, snowshoeing, tobogganing or whatever your person is into!

Personal Training (of course): Everyday I see people putting in effort at the gym and doing things WRONG! The gift of learning good form and a quality program will help to maximize results. Available in person or online bangOlink

Nutrition Plan/Meal Prep: Do you have your workouts down but need some help with nutrition? A month (or three) of pre-made meals can help take the stress out of doing your own meal prep and get you the results you desire. Family plans are available if you’re wanting to simplify even more. Options include premade meals or pre-prepped and cook at home. There are a number of services out there, pick one that speaks to you Movement Food  Muscle meals (don’t let the name fool you, some great menu options for us foodies!) and if you want to cook the meals yourself try Fresh Prep


DNA Testing: See what kind of exercise and foods are best suited based on your DNA. I haven’t tried this yet but I am curious, it’s on my list to try in 2018! Find all the deets – DNA Fit Canada



Supplements: This may seem a bit odd but I know a lot of people that would appreciate supplements. Good quality protein is expensive but necessary when you’re trying to make gains! If you’re not sure what they like, a gift card for a store works too. Body Energy Club is one of my favorites and you get a half price smoothie with purchase making it a win win —the Peanut Butter Cup gets me every time but there are yummy choices for all!


Bath Salts: Yup, these made the list! Nothing like a good soak to ease post workout (or activity) soreness for your active recipient.

  • Save: Epsom Salts (Costco 8.99)
  • Splurge: Infused with essential oils from Saje (24.99) Saje


Therabands: These inexpensive portable bands are versatile and perfect for home or travel

  • Save: Theraband or Lex loops $4.99 (great for stocking stuffers) Flaman Fitness
  • Splurge: Deluxe tubing with cover $19.99  Click here for Flaman Fitness
  • Add on: An inexpensive door hook will add more exercise options to your band workout. Fitness Town


The Grid: This foam roller is still my favorite on the market. Give the gift of pain and pleasure with this little guy! Great price at Fitness Town



Kettlebells: Perfect for efficient fat blasting workouts that take up little space making them ideal for sneaking in a home workout on days where you just won’t get it in otherwise. If your recipient isn’t up on their technique I always advise a class to get up to speed


  • Save: These basic bells from Fitness Town are a great option Basic Bells
  • Splurge: The original and available in great colors (cause sometimes that matters right?) Fancy Bells
  • Bonus: If you don’t know what weight your workout junkie uses, find basic guidelines at Choosing a kettlebell


TRX: A favorite of mine for years! Some things don’t get old, it’s affordable, compact and portable. TRX are efficient and can deliver a challenging workout for all levels and workouts anywhere. A great addition if you travel and for outdoor workouts. Find it locally at Fitness Town


Wireless Headphones: I use the Jaybird Freedom but there are plenty of good options on the market these days so find the pair that suits your taste and sound preferences. Jaybird, Bose, Apple and more all do their own versions in this price range. Not having a chord attached is a game changer, no matter what the workout.