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Goal setting and the Long Haul

Even though fitness and nutrition is my ‘thing’ so to speak, I still set goals for myself. I may (or may not) talk about them but I do set them. They change from year to year depending on where I feel that I can improve on (usually after being humbled in some way athletically speaking)


Movement, Fuel and Mental Health

Let’s talk about it  I have mixed feelings about the holiday season. I am fortunate to have family around me…my son, parents, sister and her clan as well as a small but close group of friends that I spend time with over the holidays.  I am grateful for each moment I spend with them all


Called to Action

Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize a ton of time has passed since you did something? This happened to me. Just now. I was on the sofa winding down from my day and my thoughts turned to my blog and newsletter (that I’d so consistently written for many months). Reality


Summer Sweat Sessions

Get Outside! As much as I love the gym, when the warmer weather and longer days arrive I sometimes find myself dreading the idea of hitting the iron paradise, craving instead to be outdoors enjoying the short sweet Vancouver summer. I want to run and jump, take in our clean air and stare out at


Family Fitness – 3 Tips to Set a Foundation

Happy May! I’m super excited for this month’s focus to be on family fitness.  All of you that know me, understand how passionate I am about movement and sharing my knowledge.  More than ever it’s important that we set a positive template of movement and nutrition for our kids—and it starts with you. Setting the


What to do when life knocks you down…

I had some sad news last week as I learned of my grandmother’s passing. She was 93 and lived a long, full life. She passed as we all hope to – with her physically body slowly shutting down and gently drifting away. Even though I understood that it was her time and am grateful that