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30 Days of Bald – Lessons in Self Love

Acceptance  It’s been over 30 days of my bald challenge. The past few weeks have flown by and although I’m continuing to go wig free and I’ve written a few partial pieces, something has held me back from sharing. There have been no setbacks, in fact, many victories! One of my highlights was rocking a


Increasing Your Flexibility

I often hear people wanting to increase their flexibility. This is a great goal and an important one at any age and stage. That said it’s a bit different than general conditioning in that it requires more than just a few days a week in the gym. If you’re really serious about increasing your flexibility


Double Down – Month of Greens!

New year’s is a month old, how are you making out with your health and fitness intentions? I’ve been slipping on my veggie intake as of late, something I’m typically quite diligent about. After talking with my clients, many of you aren’t meeting daily requirements either. In an effort to boost my own intake and


30 Days of Bald – Being My Authentic Self

Day Seven I ended my first full week on another high note as I ventured out for my first solo meal as a baldie, leaving the comfort of last weekends social time with friends behind. It was just to one of my local spots for a bite but again somewhere that I have never been completely


30 Days of Bald – Life Uncovered

It may seem silly, but hair not only ‘finishes’ an outfit, it also camouflages us. Hair blends us in with everyone else. I am different as a bald woman, and that I am purposefully choosing to let myself be seen as such. That is scary.