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Dayna Bango


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Sweat. Laugh. Play. Rest.

Something magical happens when we embrace healthy and consistent self–care, move our bodies, fuel our cells with real food, and nurture our souls with good people.

For some of us, exercise and nutrition is second nature and we are looking to continually challenge ourselves in new ways. For others it is a constant struggle, something we know what we “should” be doing but something holds us back: fear, time constraints, injury and pain or just lack of desire.

bangObody philosophy incorporates a custom blend of conscious nutrition, regular exercise and mindful rest, all wrapped up in a compassionate approach to help you create a healthier, more active lifestyle. We support your journey and goals! From pounding down on the scale, mastering a new exercise, achieving a personal best, touching your toes for the first time, improving numbers on your health scores, or just all around feeling terrific.

Depending on where you are and what you need, bangObody programs can be an entry point to fitness, or a place to hone your skills, and advance your knowledge. Whether you walk and stretch, run and jump, swim and pump iron, it’s your choice! I combine solid science-based knowledge with innovative program designs delivered with compassionate care.

bangObody Top 3 Mantras

  • We were designed to move, so move often and move well!
  • I believe in hard work, love, and lots of laughter – because life has enough seriousness!
  • Consistency creates results, not perfection.

Committed to your health, bangObody is a lifestyle!


How It Began

My journey into fitness began in high school when a passion for skiing led me to coach at one of the local mountains. I was always active in sports but there something about being outdoors, moving my body, and motivating others, that really struck a chord with me – it was work that didn’t feel like work. I spent an amazing six years carving up the slopes and teaching others to do the same before life took me in a completely different direction.

As I started the process of settling down, the search for a “real job” led me to a successful role in advertising. I got married, started a family and the demands of juggling everyday life took over. My days of helping others through movement became a fond, yet distant memory.

During this time, I remained active and ate well, but pregnancy weight became a challenge. At my peak, I topped the scales at 205 lbs (93 kg). Looking back, I realize that I focused on the wrong kind of exercise and indulged more than I would have liked. The joys of motherhood were masked with feelings of unhappiness over how I looked and felt. I was an athlete, how did I get here?

The breast-feeding myth – you’ll lose maternal weight if you breast feed – did not apply to me. And the weight did not fall off magically even though I had the template of an active lifestyle. Ready for change, and wanting my body back, I went looking for me again.

Losing weight was no easy feat and I worked hard (in the gym and the kitchen!) for every pound and inch I lost. It didn’t happen overnight but developing good habits, creating effective exercise regimes, and making conscious nutritional choices led me to a stronger body than I had pre-pregnancy. Don’t get me wrong, I suffer from a sweet tooth and enjoy wine, so I didn’t deprive myself, but I consistently worked towards a better feeling me.

Armed with empowering feelings of self-accomplishment and fulfilling memories of my teaching days, I wondered if I could help others transform as I had done for myself. I signed-up for my first exercise physiology class and told myself that if I didn’t enjoy it, I would go back into advertising. Now, 17 years later I hold certifications in NSCA C-PT, FMS, FRC, many other fitness specifications, and I am the proud owner and principal trainer at bangObody.

Where I am Today

Blending years of fitness and nutrition training and education, spending time with clients, managing the highs and lows of life, experiencing diverse relationships, building a business, enduring personal health challenges, embracing parenthood, and seeking the ever elusive balance of it all, has helped to formulate my approach to fitness.

I embrace a philosophy of love and kindness, acceptance, and compassion.

I believe in the importance of self-care through exercise, nutrition and rest, and the power of movement – they all provide healing in one form or another. I follow a holistic approach with clients and continue to educate myself on everything health and wellness so I can offer well-rounded, useful, and relevant information to my clients.

I live what I teach! As I support my clients in their journey, I continue to challenge myself mentally and physically, and remain competitive in a number of sports. After all this time, I still love my lift sessions in the gym and the feeling of a strong, powerful body that allows me to play in my free time. My desire is to be mobile, strong, and playful until I’m old and grey.

Movement is my medicine and I believe in its ability to heal.

I welcome you, perfectly imperfect you, to challenge yourself mentally and physically to create your own personal bangObody.

Ready to get movin’?


I love speaking in front of a crowd, big or small. I believe that we all have stories to share, inspiration to give, and help others along the way. I find that public speaking is a great way to reach many people in a short time.

I am available to speak for your group, on topics customized to meet your expectation and goals. I usually create an interactive plan, with or without workouts, specifically for your group.

Subjects covered, but not limited to, are:

  • Corporate wellness
  • Exercise and eating well on a budget
  • Time crunch? How to optimize workouts for a busy lifestyle
  • Daily habits to help decrease pain and optimize mobility at any age
  • Ways to feel your best pre and/or post pregnancy for busy moms
  • Strategies for managing busy lifestyles, staying fit, and feeling good

Get in touch with me and let’s explore what best suits your audience.