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It’s been over 30 days of my bald challenge. The past few weeks have flown by and although I’m continuing to go wig free and I’ve written a few partial pieces, something has held me back from sharing. There have been no setbacks, in fact, many victories! One of my highlights was rocking a party dress, an experience I was fearful of for sure.

To best describe why this is, I’d say that I feel I have made peace with bald Dayna. Accepted her as perfect with or without hair. This acceptance grew each time I tackled a new and “scary” scenario, allowing myself to be seen. Others may have judged and whispered but I chose not to listen and instead focused on being me.

This may not always be the case and I anticipate moments that I will feel rejected for going against the norm of feminine beauty. There may be times I feel hurt or fearful, but I also know that these emotions are fleeting and I have the tools and support to move through the challenges I face. By allowing uncomfortable feelings to surface and be acknowledged, I can let go. I choose resiliency, not armor, and want to live with an open heart.

We all share different struggles. No one is immune. The tough times lead us to the greatest rewards if we choose to look deeply within and to move through our fears, no matter what they may be.

One reader commented early on in my journey, that sharing has helped to raise awareness about Alopecia. Something many know nothing about. It has opened the door for conversations and vulnerabilities around self- acceptance and love. The reminder for us all that we can do better when we meet someone, to ask the questions, to be compassionate and kind as we know nothing of the struggles both visible and invisible in others.

Next Steps

I will continue to share writings around my baldness as there have been so many beautiful and humorous events that have transpired over the years. These stories will intersperse amongst my passions for health, fitness and spirituality.

In case you’re curious, I may wear wigs again, when and if the mood strikes. Unlike before, this is not to hide me, but rather, because I want to. (And they can be fun!) For now my scalp feels and looks healthier than it has for a long time, as I let it breathe and more importantly, I feel at peace on the inside. Accepting and loving me, so I will continue to allow myself to be seen exactly as I am.

What about you? Have you tackled anything over the last little while that you want to share? If so, please do—I’ve found the open dialogue to be a huge part of healing for me and if I can offer an ear to you, I’m happy to listen…